New Music: Bethel Music debuts new single ‘Egypt (Live)’ featuring Cory Asbury – Download

Contemporary worship collective Bethel Music has once more released a new single ‘Egypt’ written by award-winning singer Cory Asbury from their new project ‘God of Revival’, available on all platforms now.

Asbury recounts. “My wife and I were leading worship at our local church, and during the final song of the set, the church just erupted into spontaneous praise. Our pastor jumped on stage and began leading the room in thanksgiving. During this time, he spoke the phrase, ‘You stepped into my Egypt,’ and something inside of me leapt. It was the phrase my heart had been feeling but lacked language for until that moment.”

Bethel Music egypt

The GRAMMY-nominated contemporary group debut this single shortly after the release of the album title track ‘God of Revival’, a live ministration and the release of the full project all in February 2020.

“Egypt” is Cory Asbury’s newest single. It is the third song to emerge as a part of Bethel Music’s God of Revival album. This is a song of thanks to the One who fights for us even in our weakness and sets us free to worship him. This song has been reviving us as a community and waking us up to a God who is relentlessly kind.”

The renowned worship group felt the need to seek God for a turnaround and cry for a revival in their new project for the people and for the nations through the songs in the album. According to the team, God is still in His position to do all that we have heard of Him in the scriptures and crying for a revival is in place because He is able to pour it down.

Revival is here and now. Brian Johnson and Phil Wickham wrote “God of Revival” as a charge to pursue personal revival while calling our families, cities and nations to awaken to the God of the impossible.

“People think of revival as a series of meetings in a tent,” said Brian Johnson. “Revival is a state of the heart that’s awakened to who God is and His kingdom.”



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Verse 1

I won’t forget

The wonder of how You brought


The exodus of my heart

Pre Chorus

You found me

You freed me

Held back the waters for my release

Oh Yahweh


You’re the God who fights for me

Lord of every victory

Hallelujah, hallelujah

You have torn apart the sea

You have led me through the deep

Hallelujah, hallelujah

Verse 2

A cloud by day

A sign that You are with me

The fire by night

A guiding light to my feet


You stepped into my Egypt

You took me by the hand

You marched me out in freedom

Into the promised land

Now I will not forget You

I’ll sing of all You’ve done

Death is swallowed up forever

By the fury of Your love


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