[Audio+Lyrics] Sika Coleman – Blema Mawu ft Ruth Adjei

sika coleman blema mawu

Anointed Sika Coleman has done it again beautifully in Ewe and this time featured the sensational Ruth Adjei on her new song ‘Blema Mawu’.

‘Blema Mawu’ translated as ‘The Lord of old’ was delivered in both the Ewe and Twi languages and offers appellations unto God for being the Ancient of days, the Lord strong and mighty to save.

The song was produced by Prince Matthew Hakeem.


Listen and download the song below;

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Song Lyrics

Woenye blema Mawu Sitsoƒe mavɔ Xɔlae nenye( you are the Eternal God, our refuge and Savior )
Woenye Blema Mawu, ŋusewo kataatɔ, aɖaŋuɖela(You are the Eternal God, Omnipotent and Counselor)
Woenye Blema Mawu, Yehowa eeee, Akpe nawo(You are the Eternal God, Great Jehovah, Thank you.
Akpe Nawo, Akpe nawo, Woewɔdɔloooo! Akpe nawo.
Akpe nawo, Akpe Nawo medodɔnɔ nawo akpe. nawo(Thank you, for all that you’ve done, I will thank you)

2nd Verse
Nugagawoe Newɔ( great things you have done)
Egba kɔsɛsɛwo( Oh Conqueror)
Edukudzi nami( You overcome death)
Ɛnami Agbebolooo( Bread of life you give)
Ɛtrɔ Miaƒe Avifafa, wozu aseyetsotso ooooo Akpe nawo ( You turned our mourning into Dancing again, thank you Lord)

Be ma dziha nawo
Be maƒo akpe nawo
Aƒetɔ Yesueeee
Akpe nawo(so I’ll sing and praise you, Lord Jesus thank you)

Call -Akpe nawo looooo
Akpe nawo(4x)
Call -Mawu gbagbe
Akpe nawo(4x)
Call – bema Mawue! Blema Mawue!
Akpe nawo, akpe nawo, medodza nawo ameaɖekɛɖɛkɛ mesɔ kple wo ooooo



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