Nigerian Gospel Star, Franklin Edwards records with Don Moen

World renowned praise & worship leader, Don Moen and Frank Edwards have collaborated to produce a five track EP to be released later this year. They shared their experience of working together and we await the release of the EP which promises to be Life Changing.

The EP, which is still untitled, was recorded at Frank’s Studios, in Lagos, and has Don Moen singing in Frank’s traditional Igbo language.

According to Don Moen, the project has been in the works for over a year, with careful planning between Don Moen and Rocktown, Edward’s record label.

“We’ve been talking about a project together for over a year now, and it worked out for me to be in Lagos today” , Don Moen said.

“We’re working on an EP, five songs, we were all day today at the studio, we did three songs. We wrote a song together…we are excited about the project.”

Edwards also revealed his excitement about the new collaboration EP, stating his admiration of Don Moen, and sharing details about how the veteran singer inspired his choice of career.

“It’s more like a father and son relationship, because I grew up watching Don Moen on TV, listening to his music”. Frank revealed . “His music inspired my writing and creativity, the way I pray. It’s exceptional, I would have said it is a dream come true, but I didn’t even dream about this.

“I thank God and I’m so excited about the EP. It’s 5 powerful songs, and you would get it as soon as we are done recording. I’m sure you will love to hear Don sing in Igbo, and he just sang like an Igbo man.”

In a video, released on the internet, Moen and Edwards share their experience of working together and there’s also footages of Don Moen‘s studio session.

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