Phil Thompson shares his experience in battling depression leading to writing ‘My Response’

Every gospel song was written through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, personal revelation of a truth in God or through personal life experience. Recently the award-winning American gospel act Phil Thompson shared the real story behind his chart-topping worship single ‘My Response‘ and the many testimonies that came with it.

‘My Responds’ featuring Jubilee Worship is a live atmosphere worship song that seeks to give the listener the perfect response to God for a miraculous deliverance. According to the song, the response should simply be ‘Hallelujah’, translated as Praise the Lord.

Phil who doesn’t mind sharing his personal experience leading to penning this song for the sake of those it might help, says, he was seriously suffering from a lingered depression as a result of a painful divorce.

According to Phil Thompson who shared these things on his official Instagram page, he went through therapy and there he realized he was also suffering from Social Anxiety which is rather a contrasting state looking at what he does as a worship leader.

“The Lyrics ‘you have rescued my life, and I am not going back’, is me talking about depression, how God has rescued me from depression. And each day is like a new day”.

Phil compares his daily life to that of manna days in the lives of the Israelites where the ‘food from heaven’ can only be preserved for 24 hours after which a fresh Manna had to be released by God. This connotes his dependency on God on a daily basis for total healing as he rescues him from that state.


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