Philip Adzale releases new gospel song “The Amen Chant”

Rising Gospel singer Philip Adzale makes another massive return after his recent song “Jesus Reigns” to release a brand new “The Amen Chant” that comes with a video available on YouTube and can be watched below.

The “Amen Chant” as described by Philip is messianic music that is so far resonating with many gospel music lovers as it is characterized by a unique sound of a typical Hebrew chant music.

The song simply extols Jesus Christ as the “Amen” as recorded in Revelation, revealing his diverse nature as both man and God and saviour of the world who has before the creation of the world existed.

Philip reveals that the song was birthed during an intimate worship time, starting with the chorus and later had the verses given by God through another friend.


Watch video of Amen Chant by Philip Adzale





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