[Audio download] Philipa Baafi releases ‘Awurade Fa Yen Sie’ as we battle the deadly pandemic

Legendary gospel singer Philipa Baafi who has been off the music scene for a while now makes a come-back to offer prayer to God in her new song titled ‘Awurade Fa Yen Sie’ as we battle the deadly Corona Virus pandemic.

The song which translates as ‘Hide Us Lord’ is, however, her first for the year and will as much offer hope to the believer that we are always hidden in Christ, in God, in heavenly places. The same door is open to the unbeliever to offer their heart to Jesus in times like these to be totally protected by His blood.

Let this song lead you to your knees, more so give you hope and not fear and we face this worldwide.

Remember victory is in Christ Jesus already, lets tap into that.

Listen to the song and download it below;

download song



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