Proverbs 10:3
The Lord does not let the righteous go hungry, but he thwarts the craving of the wicked.

Our opening verse today is a surety from God. The righteousness can never go hungry. Hunger can come in diverse forms. There are people who hunger after righteousness, educational success, financial freedom, healing, food, prosperity and so many things. If your hunger is driven by love then surely it would be answered because the fruit of the Righteous is love. The righteous is the one who stands before God without condemnation and benefits from the substitutory work on the cross.
Narrowing down to what the scriptural reference is about, we notice that
1. The righteous can never lack food no matter the state of the economy.
2. His supply is always unhindered
3. God takes special interest in the righteous
4. He knows all that you need
5. Others may suffer lack and want but you shall never lack any good thing
6. You can never beg.
7. You shall flourish but the wicked’s plan would be thwarted

God can never go back on His word. If he feeds the birds how much more the righteous?

Further Reading: Psalm 37:25,26

Thank you father for the assurance through your word today. I walk in this consciousness knowing that you would provide for me all that I would need in Jesus name
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F: Solomon Kpodo
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