Sex is for married people only – Diana Hamilton warns

Ghanian award-winning gospel artist and anointed minstrel Diana Hamilton has recently made a bold statement, standing by her Christian Belief concerning sexual immorality among the youths of this generation during an Instagram Live session with Nana Adwoa Sarkodie.

The Billboard-charting gospel artist and ‘Mo ne Yo’ singer mentioned that sexual immorality is anything sexual or with sexual intentions that happen outside of marriage. She further explained that it is a sin against the self and against God which makes it more dangerous than other sins because God could easily forgive us but it becomes difficult to forgive ourselves.

Agreeing that anyone could fall to sexual sin, she advised young people not to spend intimate times with their partners at their homes since that could easily trigger them into having sex. Describing the situation as a matchstick and petrol put together, it will surely ignite – she added.

When asked about the time range for getting to know someone, Diana said;

There is no specific time rule for getting to know someone because you can never know them all in all. People change by the day”

However, she insisted six (6) months may be too limited because this period is usually used to undergo counseling from the church. In addition, she admonished single people to work on improving themselves while they wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Diana Hamilton also promised to support any person especially females who face the challenge of losing a university scholarship from a married man who asks for sex in return. “Diana Hamilton Foundation was set up to help people in such situation” – she added.


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