SK Frimpong drops his new praise groove “Adefoode”

Ghana’s rising praise and worship soldier SK Frimpong, who is gradually becoming a household name is out with his very latest praise song “Adefoode”.

The new song simply considers the Grace and Mercies of God over our lives as a free gift without a charge. The title ‘Adefoode’ literally translates in English as ‘Chargeless’ or ‘Free of Charge’. The song is simply explaining the dumbfounding goodness of God’s ability to save, bless, impart giftings and graces at no payable cost at all.

It challenges the status quo of worldly wisdom that seeks that one ought to strive hard in attaining something as precious as salvation and divine blessings.

SK Frimpong is simply stressing on the point that all of God’s goodness can’t be bought, it can and must only be received. It’s simply priceless!

It’s an inference to the famous biblical story of Naaman’s rejected gifts to the Prophet Elisha after God used him to cure Naaman’s leprosy.

Buy/Stream ‘Adefoode‘ everywhere online as you appreciate God’s plentiful benefits to us that we don’t pay a dime for and if there be any need unmet by God, may speedy solutions be delivered to your doorstep free of charge!


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