Stanley Psalm declares “Prison Break”, a time for the chains to break in his new song

Songwriter and worshipper Stanley-Psalm has declared “Prison Break” in his latest single, a song ready to break chains and bless many.

As the Word of God says, “The weapon of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God”, Stanl-Psalm is using this medium, to help you break every chain and imagination that seeks to exalt itself about the name of Christ in your life.

You will be blessed by this fast tempo praise song by Stanley Psalm. Download and share the link to the song below;






Lyrics of Prison Break


We going up with a higher praise,  Prison Break!

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph, Prison Break!

Y3 twe momome y3 twe momome, mina mia kaafu Mawu

Mia dwe nkoh de dzie


Father in the name of Jesus I take authority, Prison Break!

Casting down every evil imagination, Prison Break!

We declare total emancipation, Prison Break!

And we liberate ourselves out of every shackles of the devil


Agbo mahu oo kata, edo mawo mawoo o kata

Me gbleoo okata le yesu beko meh, le yesu beko mio gbleoo okataa

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph

For the Lord Himself shall descend with a trumpet of an archangel

For the walls of Jericho didn’t just break down! You know what They were shouted down!

Give the Lord a shout, give the Lord a shout

Evil altars, satanic strongholds, Family curses

Break, Break, Break!

Wokoe mia suboh , ewokoe mia suboh

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord, echo

let everything that has breath praise the Lord 2x

Wamiley ley ley ley, wamiley ley ley ooo 2x

Wamiley ley ley, wamiley ley ley momaparaka ni yesu ooo 2x

Moma paraka ni yeso ooo

Moma paraka ni yesu ooo

Eyahweh Yahweh 7x


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