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The inspiration behind ‘Facing Darkness’ – An award winning Christian Movie

facing darkness

We must run towards problems like Jesus did- Franklin Graham (facing Darkness executive producer) Franklin Graham President of Samaritan Purse and executive producer of inspiring Christian movie “Facing Darkness” stated that his team of missionaries run to help West African countries when there was an outbreak of ebola because that’s what Jesus would have done. “Facing Darkness” is a true …

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No Marriage, No Sex – Nathaniel Bassey

nathaniel bassy

Popular Nigerian Gospel Singer Nathaniel Bassey, took to social media to declare his stand on one major moral degrading act in our society – sex before marriage. Though to many, this may seem ‘old school’, it is not biblical to practice as a Christian and no such thing as old school as far as Godly principles are concerned. The Imella …

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How to maintain a balanced relationship between God and man


Do you remember playing on the see-saw as a kid? As one side went up the uneven distribution of weight caused the other side to go down and make for fun times with friends. Well, the ups and downs still have their place in our lives but unlike the see-saw, we want an even distribution of weight that enables us …

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The Lost Worshippers – Episode 3

The church service wasn’t too bad, everyone was friendly and hospitable and the praise, worship and preaching were all powerful I felt good in the presence of God and was glad I had accepted Charity’s offer. After church I expected people to rebuke me and scold for singing hip-life but no one used that approach, they rather told me that …

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The Lost Worshipper – Episode 1


As i drove back home in my 2014 mini Cooper I reflected on how successful my show went . Over 30,000 people chanting out my name , “Rusty, Rusty ,Rusty and idolizing me. They saw me as their superstar and really loved me . My current hit track ‘Plantain Chips’ was currently number one on the music charts and had cemented …

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Anyone can be of a help to you

Have you ever been stranded, where you have no idea where you are going or whats happening around you? I mean where you don’t know your left from your right, and you needed just anyone to talk to? Well, i have been there several times and will be willing to share something very important which we all need to exhibit …

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What is the real look of Jesus

If you’re like me, you grew up with the traditional, Western-culture-influenced portrait of Jesus that you got from Sunday school. In that picture, Jesus is portrayed as white, with long, light-brown hair, lean features, and very often, blue eyes. In fact, below is the very picture I had of Jesus in my bedroom when I was growing up.   If …

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