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The dept of His Love


Song of Solomon 4:12 A garden inclosed [is] my sister, [my] spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed. Observe the sweet titles with which the heavenly Solomon with intense affection addresses his bride the church. “My sister, one near to me by ties of nature, partaker of the same …

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Anyone can be of a help to you

Have you ever been stranded, where you have no idea where you are going or whats happening around you? I mean where you don’t know your left from your right, and you needed just anyone to talk to? Well, i have been there several times and will be willing to …

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What is the real look of Jesus

If you’re like me, you grew up with the traditional, Western-culture-influenced portrait of Jesus that you got from Sunday school. In that picture, Jesus is portrayed as white, with long, light-brown hair, lean features, and very often, blue eyes. In fact, below is the very picture I had of Jesus …

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