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What Have I

what have i

I dangle Million miles, Watching the ocean smile, the sun stretches its tentacles, as the moon puts on the spectacles the beauty of both couple, is the joy of mother earth. Oh mother earth what have I? If I have no love. The beauty of love is as a dove, …

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Blessed Obscurity


Blessed Obscurity Born of necessity Cradled in the darkness Help that seeks no redress For the many gifts given Yet no thanks given Hardly you’ve been praised Never have you dazed When you give don’t let your left hand see Perhaps this be your creed Who will remember you Will …

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Rebel of the System

old brick wall background texture

Rebel of the System Strayer from thy emblem This mark that you paint cannot hold me This song you sing cannot draw me Generational curses prevail Mistakes of the past we hail Traditions that we keep like it or not All to our own demise Will not succumb to thy …

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I Rise from the Ashes


From the ashes I rise For this cause I fight To live beyond my downfalls And to make resillience my creed Battles that cast me down to rot Tremours that happen, like it or not Threatening a shift in my destiny And my dreams to bleed Flaws that have me …

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The Money Curse


What is the Curse that has separated plagues from their vivid calm. This delusion that perceives to wealth of soul -but abandons the soul in a place of dryness. This Madness that befalls mankind It is that which moves men in search of nothing but what they will gain. The …

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The God Abstract


He who keeps the beasts in the wild separates the wild from man He who keeps the gender of children in balance and we don’t have to go into extinct He who orchestrates the timing of the day and the night a timing that has never being missed since the …

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