Taya Smith of Hillsong United tied the Knot – View Pictures

Taya Smith, one of Hillsong United’s lead singers tied the knot with now husband Ben last weekend just a few months after stunning fans by announcing her engagement.

Amazingly, the wedding ceremony was conducted by a fellow band member, Jonathon “JD” Douglass, who officiated the ceremony, and was among those who took to social media to celebrate the happy occasion.

“Marrying a couple is something I count as a high honor… When its people who you love and have become an older brother to, then it is beyond words!!! Loved being a part of your special day @tayasmith and Ben love you guys sooo much!!!!”

The sweet, passionate and singer of the popular ocean songs, could not hide her joy after the ceremony. She posted couple of their wedding pictures on her Instagram page and encouraged all who have reached that stage of life to take the step and not be afraid, because its a beautiful thing.

We got married yesterday and it was the GREATEST; I highly recommend it.
It was like that because of Jesus & the people He has placed in our life for such a time as this and we are blown away by all the love, support & kindness.


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