The God Abstract

He who keeps the beasts in the wild separates the wild from man
He who keeps the gender of children in balance and we don’t have to go into extinct
He who orchestrates the timing of the day and the night a timing that has never being missed since the beginning of time
He who has put every single one of the many diversities of plants and animals in the world all an important element for our survival

You who feeds the animals so that they don’t have to starve to death
You who controls the birth of the animals so that they don’t overthrow us
He who is responsible for the outlook of the plants and the animals;From the non-accidental designs on the leaves to the well planned patterns
on the back of the animals
He who is responsible for the forming of the baby in the womb from the clot of blood to A new life on earth

You who has set forth the earth in an unending spiral; the spinning of great figures since the beginning of time.
You who has caused the sun to burn since we ever knew it
You who gave the world oil before they ever made cars or had enough equipment to drill it its like you knew what they’ll need in the future
You who brought resources into existence long before we ever needed them or had tools for them.You who knew our future

Who has done this, Whoever has done this must be the Orchestrator of the Universe

By: Mic-Seth Owusu Riches

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