The Money Curse


What is the Curse that has separated plagues from their vivid calm.
This delusion that perceives to wealth of soul -but abandons the soul in a place of dryness.
This Madness that befalls mankind
It is that which moves men in search of nothing but what they will gain.
The Scales are fallen
The balances are tipped over
Priorities laid haphazard
In whose bosom values are lost.
Thee in whose name is the gift scarce
And in whose name the gift has been scarred.

Consciences are burnt with the mark of it.
Minds that seek endless for an endless pleasure.
Hearts that know no content.
Who has made this piece of paper God over us.
Is it we who have?
Pleasure comes to us again like a child we can embrace
We who be thoughtful minds will rise to say :This is the World that we have known
This is the world that was made.
Hail money! Hail money! Hail money! -is a thing of the past.

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