Top 10 UK Gospel Songs from 2020

One of the most affected nations when it comes to the pandemic last year 2020 in the UK, but gospel music still found its way to offer and peace in the midst of the fear. The gospel music has still been stellar and WorshippersGh is here as we do always to help you get familiar with gospel songs from the UK.

The credit for this edition goes to Premier Gospel’s UK Gospel Show team.


  • 1. Shekinah ft Guvna B – On Top Of The World

Shekinah’s ‘On Top Of The World‘ is their biggest triumph in our opinion. These ladies are obviously talented singers and when you hear the rich production, complete with a horns section, it sounds very polished. On Top Of The World is an anthem that we want every Christian and every child of God to shout from the rooftops that we are children of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords



  • 2. Sharyn – Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts was written at a time when I was mourning the death of a friend, and a woman who was like a grandmother to me growing up. In that season, I turned to the Psalms, in particular, Psalms 34 where it talks about the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and rescuing those who are crushed in spirit



  • 3. Becca Folkes – Baba

Baba is a song for those who just want to give God everything through our lives, through our worship, through our song, through our deeds. Baba is a song for those who are like the woman with the alabaster box who want to serve Him forever, worship Him forever, be with Him forever.



  • 4. Faith Child ft KB and Ty Brasel – New Era

This is such a huge banger. Alex E did an amazing job on the beat. There’s so much hype but then Faith Child and friends jump on and bring some real substance. This took us by surprise, having Faith Child working with two US heavyweight but the mix of styles, accents and approaches is the perfect blend in our books.



  • 5. CalledOut Music – Warm Embrace

CalledOut Music may well be one of the hardest working people in gospel music in the UK. He released so much music this year, including the album Portraits. But nothing stood out to us more than Warm Embrace. It’s so encouraging and it’s one we find ourselves singing long after the song finishes.



  • 6. Sharyn ft Davecreates – Sanyuka

Sharyn’s getting a track record for producing songs that we love. She was featured on our list last year and when we saw the brilliant artwork for this track by Angeloh, we were already excited. And then we heard the song itself. Fantastic. In Sanyuka, Sharyn makes an afro-house song that bangs.



  • 7. Guvna B – Battle

As the title suggests, Guvna B samples the 2000 song of the same name by Wookie. And with the recent UK garage resurgence, it’s nice to hear this vocal again. But it also speaks to the battle many of us faced in 2020 while giving us hope that they won’t last.



  • 8. Reblah ft Mark Asari – Run

This song was exactly what we needed for the summer. Vibes for days, afro swing heat, and lots of fun. Great to hear Mark Asari on the hook (who also made a great solo track this year in Welcome Home). It’s our favorite Reblah track to date and it’s one of the biggest tunes of our summer. And yes, of course, it featured on our Gospel Summer Spotify playlist.



  • 9. A Star – Rago

His debut album was a long time in the making but when it finally arrived in 2020, it had some bangers. Exhibit A: Rago. As we said in our album preview in March, the beat is hard and the bars are harder. It delivers on every level and it’s very hard to not skank to this one.



  • 10. Sarah Téibo – Spirit Come

When this song first arrived in our inbox, we were surprised. It was a different direction for Sarah Téibo. But after interviewing her, we found out, it was a return to her praise and worship roots. This song really has a worshipful heart and communicates what we need from God, especially right now.