Top and Popular Gospel Songs of Sinach

With over 25 years of leading worship around the World, Osinachi Kalu popularly known by stage name Sinach is a gospel singer known globally for writing over 500 hundred songs, some of which include ‘This Is my Season’, ‘Awesome God’, and the globally recognized and award-winning “Way Maker”

“Way Maker”, became a hit song and an anthem in many churches and homes all around the world especially in the days of lockdown during the pandemic.

We are glad to present to you some of the top and widely enjoyed songs of the Nigerian award-winning gospel singer Sinach.


  • 1. WAY MAKER 

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Obviously, “Way Maker” is currently the top and most popular song of the singer that had won for her so many awards as well as nominations on great and highly recognized platforms. The incredible hit song “Way Maker”, had also earned her a spot on Billboard’s Songwriter’s list for 7 good weeks. Sinach received nominations in the category of ‘Song of the Year’, Spanish Language Recorded Song of the Year (for the Spanish version recorded by Priscilla Bueno), and Worship Recorded Song of the Year (as recorded by Leeland) at the GMAs (USA) in 2020.


  • 2. I KNOW WHO I AM

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With different versions now available, ‘I know Who I am’ continues to be one of the masterpieces of Sinach. The prophetic or better still a positive confession song releases the excellency of God’s power of salvation in all believers to ponder on what God has made us. With millions of streams on You. The fast tempo upbeat song brings the dancing groove along with it and it’s difficult to seat without jumping on the dance floor.



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Sinach’s ‘The name of Jesus’ is an amazing worship song from her album Sinach Live in Concert. Its video is a recording of a worship session with Sinach leading the worship. The piano and guitar instrumentals are accompanied by a violin piece that weaves together with the vocals to create a truly uplifting experience as the song rises to a drum ensemble as the worship carries on. The song brings the bare the power in the name of Jesus by which every knee must bow and every tongue must confess.



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Sinach he did it again is indeed one to make you count your blessings as you get carried away with the amazing vocals and great instrumentals that really blends with her vocals for the amazing worship experience. The song currently has over 27 million views on YouTube. In this song, Sinach comes in with vibrant vocals that make the experience very energetic. The backup vocals then give the song a very unique Sinach signature of being relaxed yet very uplifting at the same time.


  • 5. REJOICE

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Sinach rejoice was released in 2014 in her album Sinach Live In Concert. Rejoice is an upbeat praise song that is excellent for a dancing worship session going by the first line. It also offers a moment of encouragement and gladness in the spirit for it says…“I’m gonna dance and praise him, it doesn’t matter what comes my way”. Sinach once again moves a live audience through an empowering vocal odyssey with Rejoice. The song is littered with bible verses in the lyrics as well, “…no weapon formed against me, shall ever prosper… for a greater one lives inside me…” Sinach rejoice is an energetic song that is sure to get you off your feet to rejoice and sing in praise no matter where you are.



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This is a song of worship and thankfulness for all that God is and what He has done. The song has over the years become a regular feature in our church worship services and events. She carries us through a worship experience like no other singing beautifully as the audience follow her lead, amazed. The song is very relaxing and is ideal for the times when you need to worship with a slow and peaceful song.


  • 7. I FLY FT KI & NOLLY

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The song is based on Isaiah 40:31, “But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, they run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind.” From the Way Maker live album, I fly is one of Sinach new songs released in 2016, and the video dropping in March 2017, it is a powerful worship experience that lifts your spirits. The song’s message is to anchor yourself in the Lord and use his strength to soar above your troubles and fly like an eagle.



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This is yet another gripping song from her live album. Sinach nothing is impossible has the same message in the lyrics as its name. Sinach’s mastery of gospel songwriting is in full display and her vocals are sure to lead you a level higher as you worship with this song. Sinach nothing is impossible is a call to believe that with God everything is possible and for He is able. It is a benchmark if not already the gold standard for how a live gospel worship experience should be done. The band, the singer ad Sinach’s lead all come together perfectly creating a warm and pure worship experience.



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Sinach “Great are you Lord” is from her 2009 album Loveworld. The video for this song is a recording of an actual worship experience led by Sinach. It is the opposite of the energy-filled praise and worship songs by Kirk Franklin, Sinach shows us how it is done – slow and calm – with amazing vocals and a brilliant congregation with a professional band that carries the choir with great instrumentals without overshadowing the vocals.



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Released in the August of 2017, I live for you is a song that professes the anointing Christians have from God to go forth with faith and spread the gospel. The choir echo after Sinach and this makes the melody of the song soothing. The song is about the love and grace of God, the reasons why our lives should be dedicated to his service.



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