Triumph Assemblies of God – Dzorwulu, goes traditional

It was such an exciting moment and a pleasant sight to behold as men, women and children of Triumph Center Assemblies of God, Dzorwulu, were beautifully adorned in the traditional attires of their various Tribes.

This special traditional service is an integral part of their annual Family Month conference held throughout the month of August of every year, to equip and empower the family unit. This year’s Family Month conference dubbed ‘The Godly Family, The Passion of God’, was packed with sessions and teachings on spiritual, physical, social, financial and carrer growth for the individual as well as the family.

Now, you will agree with me without any form of hesitation that people would hardly go totally traditional in the typical modern church setting, but this has become a sacred tradition in Triumph Center for the past 5 years on the last Sunday of August every year.

The beauty and glamour of the traditional service is always a great sight to behold and this year’s edition was nothing short of that. As usual, the anticipation that preceded the year’s celebration was very high.

Members of Triumph Center AG, on August 26 (the last Sunday of the month), turned out gloriously clothed in the typical traditional attire of their various tribes with the appropriate tribal Praise and Worship songs to match.

The Ashantis, Fantes, Ewes, Northerners, Krobos, Gas, people hailing from Akwapim and Kwahu etc..all brought their praises on with delightful traditional dances to the glory of God.

The head pastor Rev. Frank Asomani who could not hide his excitement, joined the various tribes in singing to God as he learn the dancing moves that accompanied each song from each tribe.

Rev Frank gave a prolific teaching on the theme ‘Lesson from Biblical Family diaries’, extracting all hidden lessons found in the families of  Adam and Eve (the first biblical family) and Noah.

He cautioned spouses to be very careful not to lead each other astray from wholeheartedly offering their services to God. He continued that each partner must be strong, standing firm on God’s word and not heed the sinful luring from their spouses to go astray in one way or the other as far as the Word of God is concerned.

He also encouraged children to forgive their parents and make amends to all forms of parent-child broken relationships. According to him, this attracts the blessings of God greatly.

The Triumph Family Month (TFM) conference will be crowned with Thanksgiving and Communion service on Sunday, September 2. But written on the faces of members of Triumph Center AG, is a patient anticipation for next year’s edition, especially for the Traditional Service.


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