Trusting in God

Psalm 52:7 NIV
“Here now is the man who did not make God his stronghold; but trusted in his great wealth and grew strong by destroying others!”

Boasting in one’s ability has become a normal phenomenon. Some people erroneous have termed the act of boasting in one’s self as selling yourself or branding. There’s a clear difference between boasting and marketing. Boasters take God out of the picture and direct attention to their abilities or even gift. Boasters don’t mind shortchanging others to satisfy their ego.

Boasters become a ridicule in the long run. From our scripture today, we notice that the righteous would laugh at person whose confidence is in his abilities because abilities can fail.

Further Reading: Psalm 52

I thank you father for a beautiful day and for your word. My hope is built on none other but your love. Help me Holy Spirit to hold on to my confession and hope in Jesus name

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