Ultimate Ministerial Academy holds maiden Matriculation ceremony

Ultimate Ministerial Academy, an institution to train and build individuals for effective work of ministry has held its maiden matriculation ceremony for the first batch of students over the weekend.

The Academy boasts of highly qualified personnel, lectures, and board members who have excelled in the work of ministry and with the structures available are ready to impact great knowledge into individuals who are interested in various areas of Christian ministry.

The main Academic Board is made up of a President; Prophet Dr. Akwasi Agyemang Prempeh, a Rector; Rev. Dr. John B. Ghartey, Dean of Students; Dr. Samuel A. Akor, Registrar Mr. John Mensah Agbley, and five qualified lecturers and are ready to work with the first newly admitted individuals.

ultimate ministerial academy

Registration for the various programmes was opened in August 2021, with a total of 52 applications received. After careful scrutiny, a total of 38 students comprised 11 international students and 27 local students were admitted.  Of the international students, 7 are from the USA, 2 from Togo, 1 from Tanzania, and 1 from Italy.

In the welcome address by the Rector, Rev. Dr John B. Ghartey, he noted the school is focused on creating an environment to acquire knowledge in various areas of ministry.

Rev Dr John B Ghartey
Rev. Dr. John B Ghartey

We seek to create an environment where ministers understand their area of calling and receive specialized ministerial training to enable them to function strategically.  We seek to achieve this through Strategic, Systematic, Sound, and Specialized Biblical Training that will make us unique in the world of ecclesiastical academia. We combine both the in-house and on-line methods of teaching.  This novelty and strategic format has enabled us to serve our local and international students simultaneously. Of the number, 28 students are enrolled in the School of Prophets, and 10 in the School of Christian Ministry.  Plans are underway to soon include School of Minstrels, and School of Strategic Leadership & Management.

Also, addressing the audience, The President of the institute Prophet Dr. Akwasi Agyemang Prempeh (Foundr of Ultimate Charismatic Center) says this is a dream come true for him as the vision to establish a ministerial academy with a strong charismatic distinctive which was conceived a few years ago has finally come to pass.

Prophet Akwasi Agyemang Prempeh2
Prophet Dr. Akwasi Agyemang Prempeh

He urges students to make the most out of their stay.  He continued that though the duration of training may be different for each one of them, the most important thing to carry as far coming in touch with the institute is concerned is a Sense of Purpose, Sense of Pursuit, Sense of Perseverance, and Sense of Prudence.

To prepare ministers for modern-day ministry, UMA has a well-equipped IT department that trains every student to use the computer and also utilizes Social Media for ministry advantage. There is also a fully air-conditioned library at the heart of the facility furnished with Books, Periodicals, and Magazines needed for research and learning. The computer unit is attached to the library to give students access to online materials as well as electronic books. More information on the academy can be found on the official website https://ultimateministerialacademy.org 




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