[Video] Adiyena Tawiah – You Raised me up (Afrobeat Cover)

Singer Adeyina Tawiah is keeping everyone spirited and lifted up in hope as she covers the very popular ‘You Raised Me Up’, a song originally written and performed by Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden.

This ‘Afrocentric’ version gives us a beautiful and feet-tapping feel to the very known soft ballad which reminds us of the hope and light that appears already awaiting us at the end of the tunnel’.

‘You raised me up’ was later sung several popular and world-renown singers such as West Life and was pushed to become one of the world’s most popular songs.

Adiyena Tawiah is a Team-based gospel singer and a graduate of Jayee Institue. Her good communication skills and ability to pay attention to details help her to maintain relationships as a spirited Christian.




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