Video: Maverick City Music out with “Jubilee” feat. Naomi Raine, Bryan & Katie Torwalt

Maverick City Music has debuted a new video, a new song titled “Jubilee” featuring Naomi Raine, Bryan & Katie Torwalt

The song captured in visuals at their live recording was written by the three gospel singers (Naomi Raine, Bryan Torwalt, and Katie Torwalt). This is a song that enlightens on Luke 4, a popular scripture that many consider as the manifesto of Jesus. For them, this alone is a sound of Jubilee for the people of God.

“Jubilee” feat. Naomi Raine, Katie Torwalt, and Bryan Torwalt will be the title track on Maverick City Music’s up-and-coming release, “Jubilee” releasing exclusively on the TRIBL app Wednesday, February 24th, 2021, and EVERYWHERE you stream music February 26th, 2021.




The Spirit of The Lord is upon me
I’m anointed to bring hope
The promise fulfilled in a moment
We’re still watching it unfold
There’s good news for the captive
A proclamation for every soul
This liberty is for the broken
An invitation to be made whole

Listen for the free man singing
He’s delivered me
Look out for the woman shouting
His garment made me clean
Listen up, for the seasons changing
He’s rebuilding everything
Listen for the people shouting
This is Jubilee

There is true joy in His freedom
So open your heart and receive it
There is a hope to believe in
Jesus, Jesus

Can you hear it?
Can you hear it?
Can you hear it?
This is the sound
This is the sound of Jubilee



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