VOV Entertainment present “Official Launch” of outfit, an Invation of Gospel Ministers

Voice of Victory ( V. O. V) Family Entertainment is the brand name seeking to influence society with Christ through all forms of gospel entertainment as a voice out there standing for Christ.

VOV Family Entertainment seeks to become a voice of hope for the masses in diverse careers while specializing in aiding vessels in the music ministry, musicians, music promotion, event organization, and becoming the voice of excellence in propagating the gospel.

V.O.V has been in existence for a while operating in the background on projects of various Ministers of the Gospel from Content Promotion, Artist Management, Event management, Event organization, digital Store consultancy, radio & Tv ads, and recently, Rentals of Sound and Musical instruments.

He stated, “By the Grace of God this year I started a movement of bridging the gap between Gospel Ministers especially the New generation or I call them the New Breeds, the Gospel Bloggers, and the Industry Players in the Gospel Industry.

Spearheaded by Joelyn, CEO of VOV Family Ent., he revealed what the outfit has been up to and what lies ahead after the official launch which comes off on Saturday 23rd July at ICGC Glorious Temple, Nungua Addogono Taxi Rank.

Joelyn VOV Family Entertainment

“My aim was to bring everyone together to know that we are working in the same kingdom of God and to propagate his Word with excellence and oneness. Areas covered during the summits include;

  • To show them the way in channeling their content to the right place at the right time and of good standards.
  • The role which Gospel Bloggers can play in your Ministry as a minister.
  • How Digital Marketing can help you in your Ministry.
  • How Social Media can make an impact in your Ministry
  • How to combine industry and ministry as a Minister.”


So far I have done two regions Accra and Kumasi which have been very successful and there are more editions and cities across Ghana coming up, but before that, we need to officially outdoor V.O.V Family Ent.

With all this going on in the background we have decided to go mainstream and officially launch the brand and its activities.

So come Saturday 23rd July 2022 at ICGC Glorious Temple Nungua Addogonno 6.30 pm, by the Grace of God you are all invited as Ps. Isaiah, Ps Edwin Dadson, ADOMcwesi, Praiz Giant, and other Gospel Musicians help me dedicate this vision and to officially launch the brand in the Name of Jesus”.