World Impact Project, a Christian Movement to hold “Love Festival” to support needy persons this Christmas

World Impact Project, a non-denominational Christian movement committed to making Christ known through sharing the word of God and helping the needy is ready to move in this mission once again as they are set to offer help to the needy through “Love Festival” as the Christmas festivity approaches.

“Love Festival” which comes off December 26, Kaneshie First Light at 10 am is their annual Christmas street festival purposely organized to take Christmas to the needy and homeless on the streets of Accra by feeding and clothing them. The flagship outdoor event recorded more than 200 needy people helped last year with the hope of increasing the numbers this year.

World Impact Project

As part of their humanitarian activities, World Impact Project, founded by David Adigah is currently supporting some brilliant but needy students financially at the Regional Maritime University and they aspire to spread their wings to extends more help to many needy students in other tertiary institutions.

Since the World Impact Project’s basic foundation is on the Word of God, they also organize different forms of conferences, seminars, and forums to empower many tertiary students through sound biblical teachings. One of the ways they reach out is through a program dubbed Heavens Bits, a weekly word of exhortation on all our social media platforms to encourage brethren in the faith and also to win souls for God.

World Impact Project

Because this is mostly a youth-based institution, with their activities funded through donation, they are appealing to the general public to assist them to take hope to the hopeless this year as well.

“We run solely on donations from individuals and organizations. But in all, our intention is to make Christ the focus. So we say JESUS, OUR FOCUS” – David Adigah added.