Zebulun Hill Worship releases a spirit-filled anthem “Till Every Knees Bows”

“Till Every Knee Bows” is a new spirit-filled and worshipful masterpiece released by versatile and rising worship group Zebulum Hill Worship.

The incredible new anthem and chant reminds us of the great commission of the believer to preach the good news till all nations and people bow their knees before Jesus our Lord.

“Till Every Knee Bows” was released on Christmas eve 2021 and it comes with a beautiful congregational visual. The song is currently available on all digital platforms for streaming and download.

The song is the group’s fifth song which was initially released as a music video on YouTube but it is now available for purchase and streaming on all digital audio platforms. Sino received the song on top of a motorcycle while heading home after an intense session of prayer and worship spontaneously erupted from a rehearsal meeting.

With powerful vocals from the Zebulun Hill Worship team led by Ike Tee and  Minister Ivy Yirenkyi, the song instantly transports listeners to the holy of holies, fixing their gaze upon the majesty of He who sits upon the throne.





About Zebulun Hill Worship;

Zebulun Hill is an international ministry birthed by the deep groaning of the Spirit for revival with a commission to awaken the hearts of those who slumber to the reality of God and the fullness of their inheritance in Christ.

Zebulun Hill Worship (ZHW), which serves as the flagship arm of the ministry took off in 2018 when the LORD blessed it’s founder and president, Nomso Amuchie (PKA Sino) with a co-laborer and burden-bearer in Isaac Tetteh (PKA Ike Tee). Sino showed Ike Tee a number of songs he had been receiving from the Lord and Ike Tee immediately caught the vision, agreeing to come on board as music director to help bring the songs to life.

Together with a team of passionate worshipers, they have released a total of five songs that embody the music collective’s mandate of being a prophetic voice echoing the truths and desires of heaven to all true worshipers.  



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